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About PopNoggins

PopNoggins was createdbyevent marketing experts in 2006 to take advantage of over 25 years of creating experiences for Americas leading marketing professionals. PopNoggins has quickly grown to become a leader in the event marketing experience industry. Event Marketing has proven to be a the growth industry delivering marketing professionals the engagements and data required to succeed. PopNoggins strives to create experiences that engage people while creating an atmosphere conducive to meeting event marketing goals. For over 20 years our team of seasoned event experience professionals have assisted Americas most valuable brands in successfulmarketing events and activations. In this new dream gig, we utilize those thousands of events and millions of engagements to guide us in designing experiences that go beyond the basics and deliver longer-term results and data.

PopNoggins continues to create exciting and dynamically engaging experiences with an eye to ROE or Return On Event. PopNoggins understands it is not enough to just attract and entertain your event attendees. PopNoggins utilizes a five point experience process to Invite, Excite, Focus, Expose& Maximize. Learn more by engaging with our experience designers or by reviewing our case studies. This process drives the experience beyond the event and toward a relationship in the social media space.

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